Wednesday, 14 August 2013 (Popular Math Website on free trial till 30th Nov 2013)

Dear Parents,

The school has arranged for a free trial on to all pupils till 30th November this year. The letter was already sent out on 5th July to notify you. is a Mathematics Enrichment Program that is built specially for Singapore Primary School students.  Created by a group of professional school teachers, there are 53,460 questions with detailed worked solutions. Step-by–step explanations for all the questions are closely adhered to MOE syllabus with heuristics, models and diagrams.  Students can customise an unique on-line teacher, the AVATAR, to read and explain all the questions and solutions.

The questions are grouped into practices and tests. The auto-marking feature allows students to hone their Mathematics skills at each own pace and ability. Other exciting features include 8pm Race, Friends Race, Halls of Fame, Homework Setter, Homework Scheduler, etc. 

The default user id and password is your child's birth certificate number (or FIN) in lower case (eg.t1234567a). Your child may be required to log in during the Home-based Learning Exercise on 15 and 16 August. Please check that your child is able to log into the website.

In, your child should carry out the following steps when doing homework that is assigned under ACTIVITIES: 

  1. Have a piece of paper or a notebook to write down the workings.
  2. Click on SUBMIT to submit answers after completion.
  3. If there are mistakes, click on SOLUTION and LISTEN to view the solution and hear the explanation from the avatar. 
  4. Click on TWEAK so that the problems, that your child has made mistakes in, can be practised again.

For any enquiries or technical support, please contact or call the helpline at 6300 0720(Mon to Fri, 9 am. to 6 pm).

Best regards,

Mdm Jess Soh
Math Dept ICT Coordinator

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