Wednesday, 18 September 2013

South Africa Mobile Library Project - Green Club

South Africa Mobile Library Project

Types of Books Required

In South Africa, many schools in remote villages do not have access to proper teaching materials and most parents do not have funds to buy books for their children's education. With the South Africa Mobile Library Project, students now have the opportunity of learning to read, and teachers will have access to teaching materials.

South Africa Mobile Library Project is an initiative by SAPESI (South Africa Primary Education Support Initiative), an NPO based in South Africa and supported by the South African Department of Education and Sony Corporation in a bid to improve literacy levels.

We would like to collect the following types of books in good condition:
  • English language books in good condition
  • Books suitable for ages 6 to 12
  • Picture books, word books and story books with pictures
  • Subject books (not school textbooks) e.g. Science, History etc.
  • Children reference books and Encyclopedia

Collection date : 18-26 September 2013

Collection point : Meeting point at KRC. Boxes will be provided.

Initiated by : Green Club

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