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Information Sheet

Ref No: 2013/11/128

07 November 2013


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Information Sheet


1.    Meet-the-Parents Sessions in November 2013


We would like to remind you of the year-end Meet-the-Parents sessions in November 2013 which will be held at the School Hall (KRC). The school leaders and Instructional Programme Heads will address the key programmes and information on pupils' development. After the briefing sessions, you will be able to meet your child's Form Teachers. Details of the sessions are as follows:






8 November 2013, Friday



6.30 to 8.30pm


12 November 2013, Tuesday


13 November 2013, Wednesday

P4 (including GEP)

11 November 2013, Monday

P5 (including GEP)

14 November 2013, Thursday


Due to the limited parking space in the school, please park your vehicles at the public car parks in the school vicinity. Thank you for considering the needs of our residents when you park your vehicles so that it will not cause any inconvenience to them


2.    NYPS Act of Love Project : 小小的梦想能改变世界


On the last day of school on 14 Nov 2013, every Nanyang pupil will be going home with a little coin box with the message "Small act... Big Heart... Change the world". It is the school's hope that while enjoying their holidays, the coin box will remind our pupils of those in our midst who are not as fortunate as them, and that they will be inspired to do their little part in putting aside part of their savings or daily allowance into the coin box. Each box may be small, but combined with all the other small boxes of other pupils, we believe that we will be able to do our little part to help those in need and change their world.


Each coin box is in the shape of a toy brick and every Nanyang pupil will have the opportunity to stack the coin boxes onto a big-scale display to signify the unity of NYPS in doing our little part to help the less fortunate. This project is part of Nanyang's character building program where pupils are given the opportunity to practise their "Values-in-Action", a key emphasis of the NY character programme.


Pupils are to bring back their coin boxes by Term 1 in 2014 and hand them in to their Form Teachers to exchange for another coin box for their keeping. All coin box contributions will be totalled at the end of Term 1 2014 and will be donated to Community Chest and President's Challenge.  


Arrival and Dismissal


The NYPS Act of Love Project on 14 Nov 2013 will end at 10am for all pupils. Please take note of the following details:


·         All pupils will report to King's Road Campus, basketball court for flag raising by 7.25am. For wet weather, P1 and P2 will proceed to the hall while P3 to P6 will return to their classrooms. All pupils should come in their PE attire and girls should wear their white skirts over their shorts.

·         There will be no recess for all pupils on that day. Please allow your children to bring along some snacks, water bottle, and stationery with a small bag for the coin box.

·         Dismissal arrangement for P1 and P2

10am              Pupils taking school buses will be dismissed

10.15am         School buses leave the school

10.20am         Parents can pick up P1 and P2 pupils from the meeting point

·         Dismissal arrangement for P3 to P6 will be at 10am and the dismissal arrangement will be as per current.


Please note that parents' vehicles are only allowed to enter the school via Gate B from 10.20am ie after the school buses have left. Please also note that Coronation Road remains as 2-way traffic. Please do not park indiscriminately or leave your vehicles unattended along King's Road and Coronation Road


3.    U-Theatre優人神鼓


U-Theatre優人神鼓 ( from Taipei will be performing "Meeting with Bodhisattva" in Singapore on 7 Dec 2013. It was first performed in 2002 at Taipei National Theatre, Meeting With Bodhisattva has been performed around the world, including engagements at the Hong Kong, Shanghai, the U.S., France and Belgium.


Meeting with Bodhisattva illustrates a warrior's path to self-actualization. Although fearful when faced with life's unknown, the warrior goes on to rid himself of all such worries and to search for wisdom. In doing so, he constantly elevates himself until he finally attains an inner stability and calm force. Because he wields a sword, the warrior sees his own cowardliness, but it's also because of the sword that he finds the courage to face life



Date:                         7 Dec 2013, Saturday

Time:                         8pm

Ticket Price:              $88, $118 and $168

Venue:                                   The Star Performing Arts Centre

                                              1 Vista Exchange Green #04-01

                                              Singapore 138617


Please purchase the tickets from the General Office at King's Road Campus by 30 Nov 2013 or call the General Office at 6467 2677 for any enquires.


4.    Online Annual Travel Declaration


All P1 parents are required to declare the travel plans of their P1 children regardless of travel intent during the November and December school holidays. P2 to P6 parents will need to declare the travel plans of their P2 to P6 children only if their children intend to travel.


The travel declaration can be done at MC Online website at Please refer to Annex A for the instructional guide on making the travel declaration. The country of transit should be included in the travel declaration as well. Please submit the online declaration by 16 Nov 2013.



5.    STEPS: Student Transfer Exercise for Primary Schools


STEPS serves to facilitate the transfer of students who have relocated to another address, to schools nearer to their new residences. STEPS 2013 will be conducted between 15 November and 18 December 2013. For parents who are planning to transfer children to other schools, please refer to the details stated in Annex B. You may also contact the General Office at KRC for more information.




Yours faithfully,



Mrs Lee Hui Feng



Annex B


STEPS: Student Transfer Exercise for Primary Schools



Under the STEPS process, all students will be considered for available vacancies in a school. Provision will not be given to the parents/guardians to select a particular school for the transfer, as the student will automatically be considered for vacancies in the nearer school in the first instance.



To be eligible to participate in STEPS, the child must satisfy the following criteria:

(a) The child is a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;

(b) The child is currently attending Primary 1 to Primary 5 in 2013;

(c) The parents/guardians have changed their residential address between 1 January 2012 and 20 November 2013 (both dates inclusive).


3. STEPS Process

(a) STEPS is a service to assist parents/guardians in school transfers due to changes in address. Participation in STEPS is optional where parents/guardians may wish to participate in the exercise, should their child satisfy the eligibility criteria. If parents/guardians prefer to directly approach the school they would like to transfer their child to, they could do so, but outside the period when STEPS is being conducted (15 November 2013 to 18 December 2013). Alternatively, parents can approach their child's current school and submit their application.


(b) The parents/guardians will be required to sign an undertaking to give up their child's place in the current school and to accept the school of transfer identified under the STEPS process.


(c) The STEPS process is as follows:


(i) Each student will be considered for transfer to a school which has vacancies and is nearer to his/her new home address.


(ii) Where the school can accommodate the number of applicants assigned to it, the transfer will be effected.


(iii) If there are no schools with available vacancies within 3 km of the students' new address, these students will be posted back to their current school.


(iv) A student will not be posted to a school that is further from his/her home compared to his/her current school.


(d) A student seeking a transfer to Primary 5 or Primary 6 in 2014 will be posted to a school with vacancies and is nearer to his/her new home address, regardless of subject combination to be offered by the student. On successful posting to a school, the parents/guardians can discuss with the school to decide on an appropriate subject combination. Schools generally offer similar subject combinations. Should parents/guardians wish for a school to offer a definitive subject combination, they may wish to apply for a transfer to their preferred school outside of the STEPS period (15 November 2013 to 18 December 2013).


(e) The smooth operation of STEPS depends on parents/guardians furnishing correct information in the application especially that of the home address. To this end, parents/guardians are required to declare that the information provided by them in the application is correct and true. Any transfer of school resulting from false or incorrect information furnished in the application will be nullified and in such an event, the child affected may be posted to any school as directed by the Ministry of Education (MOE).



(a) Schools will be inviting applications for 2013 STEPS from 18 to 20 November 2013. Parents/guardians can register their child for STEPS via the internet. The STEPS-IS makes it more convenient for parents to submit the child/children's registration from any internet enabled Personal Computer. They can log on to the Internet at using both the parents' Singpasses. STEPS-IS is accessible from 15 to 20 Nov 2013 from 10 am on the first day and 12 noon on the last day. Parents/guardians can refer to the guide on making internet STEPS application on our school website.


(b) The parents/guardians will be required to make an undertaking to give up the child's place in the current school and to accept the school of transfer identified under the STEPS process.


(c) The parents/guardians will also need to make an undertaking stating that they have changed their residential addresses between 01 January 2012 and 20 November 2013 (both dates inclusive).


(d) The outcome of applications will be released on 13 December 2013. Parents/guardians would receive a letter to inform them of their child's posted school on 13 December 2013. They may also check the results with their child's current school or log on to the Internet at using the student's BC No. and the Acknowledgement Number on the Acknowledgement Slip.


(e) All students who are successful in the exercise will be required to report to their current school on 16 December 2013 with their report books. They should then report to their posted school by 18 December 2013 to complete the transfer formalities.


(f) Parents who have further queries may contact MOE's Customer Service Centre (CSC) at DID 6872 2220 or email MOE_PPS@MOE.GOV.SG .

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